2019 RoboCup Rescue Simulation League – Calls for Participation

January 15, 2019
The Calls for Participation to the RoboCup Rescue Simulation League competitions are available at the links below. Agent Simulation Competition Virtual Robot Competition Infrastructure Competition

Publications related to the Agent and Virtual Robot competition

August 21, 2018
We published the first drafts of chronical lists of papers and articles in major Journals and International Conferences, all related to the Agent and Virtual Robot competition.

RoboCup Asia Pacific 2018 Call for Participation

August 13, 2018

RoboCup Asia Pacific 2018 – Kish Island, Iran – 5 to 10 December 2018

August 13, 2018
RoboCup Asia Pacific (RCAP) is a super-regional headquarter representing the RoboCup Federation coordinating RoboCup activities in the Asia Pacific region. RCAP headquarter is located in Singapore. The RoboCup Asia Pacific 2018 will be held in Kish Island, Iran from 5 to 10 December 2018. We would like to invite all RoboCup Rescue Simulation teams to participate in […]

2018 RoboCup Rescue Simulation League Qualified Teams

March 3, 2018
Released the list of qualified teams of the Agent Simulation and Infrastructure competitions.

2018 RoboCup Rescue Virtual Robot Simulation Competition

January 8, 2018
We would like to invite all robot rescue teams to participate in the 2018 RoboCup Rescue Simulation League World Championship. The Virtual Robot Competition has been largely renewed since 2016, both in terms of the simulation environment, with the transition from an Unreal-based environment to a ROS/Gazebo based environment, and in terms of challenges and […]

Waiver of the team fee for NEW Teams

January 8, 2018
The RoboCup Federation is pleased to introduce a waiver of the team fee for the 2018 international RoboCup competition for NEW teams in the major leagues. A NEW team is defined as a team all of whose team members have never participated in an annual international RoboCup competition. The waiver concerns only the team fee and does not imply […]

Call for Maintenance Committee Members

January 6, 2018
In 2018, the RoboCup Rescue Agent Simulation League plans to reestablish the Maintenance Committee to define and implement a roadmap of improvements to the RoboCup Rescue Simulator (RCRS) platform and Agent Development Framework (ADF) for the next years. The RoboCup Rescue Agent Simulation League is looking for members with knowledge of the RCRS platform or […]

Updated – Call For Participation

January 6, 2018
The following Item added to the Infrastructure competition topics: Adaptation of the RoboCup Rescue Simulator to the Junior League Call for Participation

2018 RoboCup Rescue Simulation Call for Participation

January 2, 2018
Call for Participation