Call for Maintenance Committee Members

In 2018, the RoboCup Rescue Agent Simulation League plans to reestablish the Maintenance Committee to define and implement a roadmap of improvements to the RoboCup Rescue Simulator (RCRS) platform and Agent Development Framework (ADF) for the next years.

The RoboCup Rescue Agent Simulation League is looking for members with knowledge of the RCRS platform or ADF Framework to compose its Maintenance Committee.

The candidate should have:
– Knowledge of software development and maintenance in Java
– Knowledge of version control systems like Git
– Desire to contribute with time and effort to the improvement of the RoboCup Rescue Simulation League
– Knowledge of English language

The membership of the RoboCup Rescue Agent Simulation Maintenance Committee will commit to:
– Help to improve the RCRS and ADF by solving bugs and implementing new features;
– Attending scheduled virtual Maintenance Committee meetings;
– Participating in Maintenance Committee in open and honest discussions and in a respectful manner.

Membership in the Maintenance Committee will end:
– At the end of the 3-years term;
– If the member resigns from the committee;
– If the member fails to fulfill the assigned tasks at the time agreed;
– If the member fails to attend three consecutive meetings unless justified;

If you are interested in this position or if you know suitable candidates we kindly request to express interest via e-mail to by **January 10, 2018**, together with a CV showing your programming expertise in Java. Positions in the Maintenance Committee is based on personal expertise and NOT representation of either a country.

We will notify the accepted to the Maintenance Committee by **January 15,  2018**.

**IMPORTANT**: The RoboCup Rescue Agent Simulation League cannot commit with any financial support or registration waver to the RoboCup competition. If the Maintenance Committee is successfully established, we can ask for financial support to the RoboCup Federation next year.