The RoboCup Rescue Infrastructure competition started in 2004 aiming to promote the development of new tools and simulators and the improvement of the existing disaster management simulation platforms. This competition is a showcase to innovations to the platforms and benchmarks developed by the RoboCup Rescue Simulation League.

The Infrastructure competition involves the presentation of already existent tools and simulators of disaster management problems in general. The intent is the evaluation of possible enhancements and expansions of the basic RoboCup Rescue Agent simulator based on the new ideas and concepts proposed in these tools and simulators. The evaluation is done by a panel of experts and a winner chosen accordingly to a set of factors related to the technical aspects of the tool or simulator and the presentation.

The score of each team participating in the Infrastructure competition is given by the sum of the punctuation given by each other team to a set of evaluative factors related to the innovative aspect of the proposal and the presentation’s quality and clarity. The team with the highest sum of scores is the winner of the competition. Each member of Technical Committee who is not a member of a team may participate in the scoring. All teams participating in the Agent Simulation and Virtual Robot competitions can evaluate the infrastructure presentation.

Teams participating in the Infrastructure competition must release their source code as an open-source project before the competition. Even though a team is accepted to participate in the Infrastructure competition, if it does not release the source code, a complete manual, prepare an easy installation and running script files before the beginning of the RoboCup event, will be disqualified.