RoboCup 2006 Virtual Robot Simulation Participating Teams

Team name Team leader Institutions Downloads
ResQ Freiburg Alexander Kleiner University of Freiburg, Germany [ TDP | Code ]
UvA Rescue University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands [ TDP | Code ]
VirtualUB International University Bremen, Germany [ TDP | Code ]
ITAndroidsRV Instituto tecnologico de Aeronautica, Brazil [ TDP | Code ]
GROK Lab The University of Iowa, USA [ TDP | Code ]
SBCe_Saviour Shahid Beheshti University, Iran [ TDP | Code ]
Steel Team University of Pittsburgh, USA [ TDP | Code ]
SPQR University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy [ TDP | Code ]

For the results of the 2006 competition, see the Bremen results page.

This was the first Virtual Robot competition. The teams of the next year, can be found at the Atlanta 2007 page.